Commando Lock Company - a locksport friendly manufacturer

The Commando Lock Company is a new lock manufacturer based in the United States, committed to building the highest quality locks seen in the US market in recent memory. They are now gearing up for distributorship in the US, while they hone their manufacturing processes.

What's most important is their committment to the locksport community. We recently received a sample lock at the Columbus branch, and were impresed with their ICHANGE shackle and general pick resistance of the locks. There is a banner ad on that will give users a 2-1 discount on any locks purchased and shipped form their Michigan factory.

Here's what Patrick Smith told me about the production run  as it stands today:

"We're building the tools to produce padlocks in standard sizes from 38mm (1 1/2) through 51mm (2.00) with shackle sizes from 1/4 to 7/16.  Our 50mm and 51mm will have interchangeable cores.  All sizes will offer our IChange shackle system and our removable shackle guard.  Our 51mm will be fun for the destructive warrior with enhanced armor in addition to the improved cylinder.  (Think S&G 951C concept)  We've been busy building for the military and our competitors but now we're ready to reach out to the retail/commercial world.  At the end of the day, our 2013 improvements will be recognized as the locks that were built by the industry."

Locksport International supports lock companies taking an active interest in the locksport community. While we have fun at our meetups, we also recognize the serious nature of the security industry, and the remarkable amount of FUD that is spread around by lock companies.

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