In early spring of 2005 Josh Nekrep (digital_blue on approached Kim Bohnet (Varjeal, site administrator on with the idea of starting a club with the purpose of bringing lockpicking enthusiasts together and promoting the sport/hobby with face-to-face interaction. At the time there were a couple large regional clubs (SSDeV in Germany and TOOOL in The Netherlands) but there was no broad-based club. Kim and Josh saw a need for an organization that would be open to members all over the world and set about making it happen.

It was felt that it would be easier and more effective for individuals to start a local lockpicking club if much of the groundwork were already laid for them, and if they had the opportunity to share resources with other associated clubs. Kim and Josh quickly recruited Devon McDormand (frostbyte on to sit as Treasurer. After much discussion (5 minute conversation on MSN) it was decided that Kim would act as President of the association and Josh would take the role of Administrative Director.

The term “locksport” was adopted as a means of distinguishing what hobby/sport lockpicking enthusiasts do from what locksmiths do. The three founding members set about laying the foundation for what they hoped would someday be a large organization. A short time later, Matt Fiddler and Doug Farre were brought on to sit on the board of directors. Since then, L.I has worked to bring locksport enthusiasts together. As individuals come forward to pioneer locksport groups in their area, L.I continues to grow and organize.