John Naughton

John Naughton has been involved in the Locksport comunity since 2006 after taking up lockpicking as a passing interest.  Quickly becoming an active member of the online comunity, withing the first year he became involved in he now defunct NDEmag and talkign his way in to the Dutch open in 2007.

Inspired by time spent in Holand with Toool at the Dutch open/Lockcon along with friends made and knowledge gained from real world events John started to motivate the UK comunity, aranging small local meets with forum memers.  Based on these efforts John now holds the position of "UK Regional President" within Locksport International / LI:UK, Running regular workshops based at the in London and Nottingham hackspaces as well as founding and being involved in the Manchester workshops.   These workshops have now started to outgrow the hackspaces they are hosted in and interest has started to grow in larger and private events which are still hosted under the Locksport International Banner.