Security Analysis

Though competition is the core goal of L.I you can't ignore the security implications of what we do.  Every step of the process of learning a new lock brings us closer to understanding the security considerations of lock selection.

At most meetings, a subject matter expert or even just a member like yourself will talk about something new in lock technology.  You might have heard the topic before, but every view into the topics brings new details to light.  There is a lot to learn in the world of physical security.  L.I tries to take it all in and integrate it into our process of competitive review.

The Role of L.I

Locksport International can help coordinate research efforts in the field of physical security.  By tracking the capabilities of members such as machining, photography, forensics, and engineering, projects that might otherwise stall can be pushed to completion.  L.I can also host project-specific pages to allow distant members to share ideas and post progress reports.  There are also funding options open through the various chapters or headquarters.


In addition to technical and social support for special projects, L.I can also assist members with the disclosure issues that accompany them.  During development, access to sensitive information can be controlled to ensure that it does not end up in malicious hands.  On the other hand, less sensitive projects can be left open for viewing and contribution by all members.  Once a vulnerability is found and verified, L.I can support the member during the disclosure process.  The staff have experience dealing with responsible disclosure and maintain industry contacts.  This capability allows members with discoveries to make informed decisions about the release of information and provides the social networking to do it responsibly.